Practical execution

It is expe­dient to carry out the theo­re­tical study and prac­tical trai­ning in metho­do­logy with a time interval of 2–3 months. The reason for this inter­rup­tion is that for under­stan­ding and maste­ring the theo­re­tical mate­rial of the metho­do­logy a certain time is needed, during which the theory of the new metho­do­logy must be tested in prac­tice (make a reliable diagnosis in a new way). Only after that it is advi­sable to start the prac­tical trai­ning (learn in prac­tice to treat in a new way).

However, it is possible to conduct the prac­tical trai­ning imme­dia­tely after the theo­re­tical course if the medical trai­nees insist on it. In this case, however, there is some risk of misap­pli­ca­tion of the metho­do­logy. If the theo­re­tical know­ledge has not been tested in prac­tice (have not yet learned to diagnose reliably in new ways), they will randomly try diffe­rent prac­tical treat­ment methods, incre­asing the frequency of errors or resul­ting in less effec­tive treatment.