Get to know us

The company Timarff OÜ

Who and what is behind it?

Our company Timarff OÜ is a small limited liabi­lity company under Esto­nian law, founded in 2021 in the small Esto­nian town of Narva-Jõesuu on the border with Russia.

We, the two foun­ders of the company, are from Germany: Frank Flügel, a patient visio­nary, and Titus Maschke, a gifted physio­the­ra­pist with many years of profes­sional experience.

Our mission is to spread the causal therapy of the postural and muscu­los­ke­letal system of the author Titus Maschke among many medical profes­sio­nals so that they can help their pati­ents even better.

To learn the metho­do­logy of this therapy, we offer a course for medical profes­sio­nals, which includes theo­re­tical basics and prac­tical execu­tion.

What is our philosophy?

The philo­sophy of Titus, his approach to a problem is briefly described: find the cause of a problem as quickly as possible and then fix it with simple means.

Frank’s philo­sophy is also short: we should not bury our talent, but have to increase it. The good Lord will ask us one day: what have you done with your talent?

To combine both is our philo­sophy. So the talent of the gifted physio­the­ra­pist Titus – inge­nious to heal – to spread in medi­cine. Almost ever­yone has hands – the art is to use them wisely.